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 This is the place to find of all my software, tutorials, and social links. Think of this site as being the centre of a web - it joins together my YouTube channel, GitHub, Twitter, as well as being the only place you can find knowledge of my unique software and tutorials for it. I hope you enjoy your stay here; this site and my work means so much to me.

Latest Updates

18/9/17 Minecraft 1.12.1 Update and Official Release

The Animator and API have officially reached v1.0.0 with a new update to Minecraft version 1.12.1!

9/9/17 API v0.4.0 Release

This update of the API adds more animation events – start, frame, action and all. Find the new tutorial here.

8/9/17 Animator v0.4.0 Released

The new save system for the animator is here, along with many bug fixes and minor improvements! There’s a tutorial video too!

1/9/17 API v0.3.0 Released

Added animation events, allowing animations to affect entity state. Also fixed animations not playing when an entity is first spawned.

30/8/17 Download counts!

The download page now includes counters that track the number of downloads. It’s all automatically updated, roughly every 10 minutes.


Minecraft Mods using The Obsidian Suite

Think your mod should be here? Let me know and I’ll add it to this list!

ChronoCraft by Kurt, CubeX2, Samohtj & NerdyKidNick – Pre-alpha

FNaF Univserse by _ShadowLink_ & Link1234Gamer – Beta

Prehistoric Eclipse by Fluffy Taco, Neicke & GleamingKrish – Beta