Obsidian Suite

The Obsidian Suite is a trio of Minecraft mods that advances Minecraft modding and animating. By creating easy to use tools, animations can be developed and deployed like never before. The Suite consists of three sections: The Animator, The API, and The Overhaul.

The Animator

The Obsidian Animator is a utility tool for Minecraft that is used to create animations for use with Minecraft mods. It allows models to be imported from a range of sources, and the animation files can be implemented when modding using The API. Models can be imported from Tabula, an awesome Minecraft modeller. Other import sources are available and more will be added soon. The Animator is compatible with the Version Checker mod, which allows automatic updating (recommended).



The Obsidian API is where the magic really happens. The API is the foundation of The Animator, and adds support for adding animations into the game when modding. The API replaces excessive model code and poor quality, hard coded, tedious animations with simple file importers and excellent animations made using the Animator. Compared to traditional model and animation code, The API can reduce thousands of lines down to a mere handful. With expansive and inclusive functionality, the API can cater for animation you can think of.


The Overhaul

The Obsidian Overhaul is a work in progress project that uses The Animator and The API to upgrade vanilla Minecraft. While it doesn't add any content, it raises the standard of the game to include better animations. Designed as a baseline that all other mods can build upon, The Overhaul is a must have for any Minecraft player that cares about their game looking good. The Overhaul is a big undertaking - it will replace all the default models and animations with sparkling new ones. It will need support from as many people as possible: animators, modders and fans alike!



The Obsidian Suite is an entirely open source project, and development is community lead. As the lead developer, most of the work is my own, however members of the community are always welcome to contribute, either through suggestions, code or assets. Modders of all abilities use my software, therefore usability and feedback is very important. While I aim to update the API as regularly as possible with the latest Minecraft versions, it may take some time as I'm a busy guy! The open source project can be found on GitHub.